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Corporate Compliance

  • Responsibility and honesty represent the cornerstones of our corporate culture. We are convinced that this is only possible if we align our actions in all countries and business areas with all applicable legal requirements, as well as with ethical and moral principles. The basis for these actions are our corporate compliance guidelines, to which the company’s management body and all employees must adhere.

    In order to ensure our ethical and legally compliant behaviour, we have established a comprehensive compliance management system. The focus here is on our Code of Conduct, which is substantiated by our corporate guidelines. In addition to a regular compliance risk analysis, we have established a digital whistleblowing system for the early detection and clarification of any violations. REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, therefore, offers this whistleblowing system not only to all employees, but also to its business partners, suppliers and customers, so that they can report any breaches of the law, the REMONDIS Code of Conduct or company guidelines, while maintaining confidentiality.

    In addition thereto, the observance and safeguarding of human rights and environmental standards is an essential concern for us. Information on how we comply with our due diligence obligations and the requirements we place on our suppliers can be found in our Supplier Code of Conduct. More detailed information on our complaint procedure under the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act (LkSG) can be found in our Rules of Procedure.

    You can find our Code of Conduct here
    You can find our Supplier Code of Conduct here

    You can access the whistleblower system via this link.

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