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TRG Cyclamin

TRG’s drying services: separating mixtures
Top quality results every single time

Our expertise also includes treating high quality mixtures, chemicals and catalysts and carrying out contract drying work. Our drying services division has been offering these services for many years now, helping our customers to dry or separate valuable substances and mixtures generated by industrial processes – and by doing so help conserve valuable natural resources.

  • Our processes & facilities
    As flexible as our customers’ requirements

    • Customer-specific solutions are one of our specialities in our drying services division as well. We develop innovative processes to ensure that the results of solid/liquid or liquid/liquid separation systems meet the exact requirements of our customers.

    In order to be able to develop such processes, we have our own production facility, laboratory and pilot plant. Our plant permit has been issued in line with the Federal Immission Control Act [BImSchG] allowing us to treat mixtures classified as waste. As far as the capacity of our plant is concerned, we are able to handle volumes ranging from 100 kilograms to several hundred tonnes a year.

Drying, separating & regenerating
Years of sustainable success

Being a technologically and environmentally oriented company, we believe it is our task to create sustainable benefits for our customers. Which is why we also help our customers in the area of contract drying work, drying out solids, separating solid/liquid mixtures or liquid/liquid mixtures as well as regenerating catalysts. We have continuously expanded our drying services division since it was set up in 2009 and have been performing specialist treatment and drying tasks in our drying facilities (approved in acc. with Federal Immission Control Act [BImSchG]) since 2012.


TRG Cyclamin GmbH
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