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TRG Cyclamin

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
A top priority in all processes

We supply many different customers from a wide range of markets. In order to meet the resulting specific requirements, quality, health, safety and environmental protection will always be our priority. These standards are regularly audited by independent external specialists and documented with the relevant certificates.

  • Showing responsibility towards humans & the environment
    For a sustainable future

    • We are committed to fulfilling our ecological responsibilities towards the environment. Which is why we are not only mindful of the immediate effect our on-site operations could have on the environment but also – as far as practicable – of the indirect environmental impact of our products.

    It is our goal, therefore, to prevent or minimise the impact our operations and products may have – including taking measures that go beyond those stipulated by law. At the same time, we wish to fulfil all our customers’ wishes and requirements, support them with a wide range of services and provide them with economic and environmental benefits.

  • Mandatory goals & principles
    Transparency is an integral part of our business

    TRG Cyclamin GmbH is committed to abiding by the following goals and principles across the whole of its business operations:

    • We meet our customers’ product quality requirements and deliver to schedule.

    • We observe and comply with all relevant rules and regulations as well as with any requirements specified by our authorities. In cases of doubt, we consult with the authorities responsible and with independent experts.

    • We collaborate closely with the authorities to develop and update measures and processes to ensure that the impact of any emissions resulting from an accident, malfunction or error is kept to an absolute minimum.

    • We plan our production activities with due care and attention, carry out quality controls before, during and after production processes and regularly monitor our production facilities to ensure that our products always fulfil our quality standards and that we comply with all statutory and in-house environmental regulations.

    • We use energy and raw materials sparingly and are continuously working on reducing our consumption of energy and raw materials. We make every effort to minimise our emissions into the air, our volumes of wastewater and the amount of waste we generate. We use state-of-the-art technology to achieve this if this is necessary and economically practicable.

    • The environmental impact and environmental compatibility of each new product and process are assessed in advance. We also take market requirements into account when delivering chemical products.

    • We take all measures needed to minimise the risks caused by our activities to the health, or otherwise, of our employees, neighbours and the general public. We ensure that emissions are kept to a minimum – also in the case of an accident – by providing our staff with training courses and clear working instructions as well as by deploying safety and pollution control equipment.

    • We continuously check that our business activities conform to environmental policies by carrying out regular in-house audits and holding staff meetings and face-to-face discussions. Should any deviations be discovered, then these are recorded and rectified.

    • We involve our employees, as partners, in the implementation of our quality and environmental policies. They are encouraged to make the most of their expertise and sense of responsibility so that they can play an active role in safeguarding the quality of our products and continuously improving our environmental performance.

    • We communicate openly and objectively with the public, our customers, our suppliers and the authorities.

    • We observe and comply with the VCI’s Responsible Care Guidelines (VCI = association of the German chemical industry).

TRG Cyclamin GmbH
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