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TRG foundry services: sustainable amine recovery
An economic & environmental success

We strongly believe that processes and systems can only enjoy long-term success on the market if they are environmentally sound. Which is why one of our first steps was to set the course for the future with our amine recovery process. TRG is now well-known for the reliable recycling and recovery services it delivers to the foundry sector. Thanks to our many years of experience and our in-depth know-how of the industry, we are able to pass on all of the benefits of our patented amine recovery process to our customers.

  • Our products & services for foundries
    Bespoke solutions mean greater benefits

    • Right from the start, our work has always focused on building strong business relationships with our customers and developing customized solutions to meet their specific problems – so that they can concentrate on their core business.

    Which is why foundries across Germany and other European countries have been working with us for many years now. They appreciate both the ecologically responsible processes we use to recycle amine scrubber solutions produced by exhaust air cleaning systems and our range of corresponding services. We support our customers and provide them with advice on all matters regarding the recycling of scrubber solutions – no matter whether it has to do with the relevant waste laws, logistics or process optimisation.

    Our innovative processes, our technology and our seamless analytical monitoring systems guarantee that all amine product specifications and quality requirements needed by foundries for their PU Cold Box processes are met. This means our products can be used instead of synthetic amines. Which is good for our customers and good for the environment as this helps to conserve natural resources.

    Our services for foundries includes:

    • Delivering scrubber solutions (sulphuric acid) for exhaust air scrubber systems 
    • Recycling amine scrubber solutions produced by the air cleaning systems connected to the PU Cold Box process
    • Providing amine scrubber services: advice, analysis feedback, process optimisation, cleaning
    • Optimising processes: transport, drawing up all relevant documents, supplying containers
    • Ensuring all waste is managed safely
    • Providing advice on waste laws
  • TRG’s amine recovery process
    A smart & useful system/method

    The special feature of our patented amine recovery process is that the drying and rectification steps used for solid/liquid, multi-component mixtures have been combined into one single stage. The only by-products generated by this process are water, all of which is used as process water, and gypsum, which can be passed on to the construction sector.

    How you benefit:

    • Your waste is managed safely
    • Everything is provided by just one company – from the delivery of the washing solutions (sulphuric acid), to the collection of the amine scrubber solutions (amine sulphate) and the transport organisation
    • Minimal effort for processing documentation and administration
    • If waste is managed abroad: notification can be extended for a period of up to three years thanks to our EMAS accreditation

Recovering amines for the PU Cold Box process
Efficient closed life cycles thanks to TRG’s systems

At present, the leading technology and most important process used to produce sand cores at iron and aluminium foundries is the so-called PU Cold Box process. With this technique, sand and special binders are used to produce sand cores, which are then fumigated with special amines. These amines act purely as a catalyst helping to accelerate the time needed for the sand cores to harden and consequently to ensure that the required rate of production is reached. An exhaust air cleaning system removes the amines from the air by binding them to the sulphuric acid – ensuring there is no risk to human health or the environment.

With TRG's patented process the amines can be removed from the amine scrubber solution. These amines are of high quality and can be used again in the PU Cold Box process.

TRG Cyclamin GmbH
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